Serving: Households and Hospitals in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Scheduled Deliveries: Every Week

Affordable Meal Plans:  $5.00  to $10.50 a meal

Sliding Scale Fee Payment Arrangement for Income
Eligible Individuals

Kosher Mobile Meals

The Kosher Mobile Meals program offers affordable quality Kosher meals delivered directly to  apartments, homes and hospitals in the greater Milwaukee area.  The program is operated under the joint auspices of Jewish Family Services, Ovation’s Jewish Home and Care Center and Va’ad HaKashrus of Milwaukee.

A wide range of entrées are prepared fresh and then frozen for convenient ready to cook meal options.   All meals are cooked under dietary supervision at the Jewish Home and delivered by Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Meals plans are affordably priced with a cost range of $5.00 to $10.50 per meal. Bulk orders are available for organizations and sliding scale fee payment arrangements are available for  individuals based on income.

For more information contact us at 414-390-5800