Craft Projects for Clients

Does your family have a favorite art/craft activity that it would like to make for others? Would your family like to learn a new art/craft item to share with others? You can make the item at home and deliver the “gift” to bring a touch of community caring and handmade beauty to residents at JFS Housing.


Develop an ongoing “family-style” relationship with an older adult client through family visits, companionship and a focus on special life events. Alleviate someone’s loneliness – Adopt-A-Grandparent!

Holiday or Emergency Food Boxes

Decorate a box as a family and fill it with healthy, just bought non-perishable food items that will make a holiday meal or an emergency meal for another family. Get together with another family or two and make it a fun day for people in need.

Pack Rice Bags Together

Shop as a family for a 25 or 50 lb. bag of rice and return home to measure 2 cups of rice into individual quart-sized Ziploc bags. Make and decorate recipe cards to tape on the bags and deliver the bags to JFS Housing to help give extra food security to residents in need.

For more information on JFS volunteer opportunities, contact:

Sarah DeNeve, Special Events and Volunteer Services Manager at and 414-225-1366.