Craft Projects for Clients

Does your family have a favorite art/craft activity that it would like to make for others? Would your family like to learn a new art/craft item to share with others? You can make the item at home and deliver the “gift” to bring a touch of community caring and handmade beauty to residents at JFS Housing.


Develop an ongoing “family-style” relationship with an older adult client through family visits, companionship and a focus on special life events. Alleviate someone’s loneliness – Adopt-A-Grandparent!

Holiday or Emergency Food Boxes

Decorate a box as a family and fill it with healthy, just bought non-perishable food items that will make a holiday meal or an emergency meal for another family. Get together with another family or two and make it a fun day for people in need.

Pack Rice Bags Together

Shop as a family for a 25 or 50 lb. bag of rice and return home to measure 2 cups of rice into individual quart-sized Ziploc bags. Make and decorate recipe cards to tape on the bags and deliver the bags to JFS Housing to help give extra food security to residents in need.