Holiday Food Boxes

Share the spirit of a holiday with clients-in-need by gathering non-perishable ingredients for a holiday meal and packaging the items in a festive container with a handmade card. Staff will deliver the box or boxes to the clients.

Emergency Meals in a Bag

Pack Emergency “Meals in a Bag” with healthy non-perishable ingredients for a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner meal when a JFS Housing resident or resident family find themselves without the resources for a meal. Be healthy and creative with menus, decorate the bags and enclose a card from your group. Make bags for individuals or for families! Pack 5 bags or 50 bags! Bags will be stored in our Emergency Food Closet to be distributed on an ‘as needed’ basis for the residents.


Plant entryway pots to welcome residents and guests or prep and plant 20 raised garden beds in spring. Be a watering team and take turns watering gardens through the summer. The garden beds provide fresh produce for older adult residents. “Grow” your own group idea and we can help to make it work.

Collection Drives

Organize a collection drive for your group or company. Choose the needed items that would fit best with your group’s interests.  It might be food items, children’s books, art supplies, personal hygiene items, winter hats and gloves, summer outdoor toys or other collection drive ideas that we can talk about.

Craft Projects/Lobby Decorations

Would your group enjoy being creative? You could make apartment door decorations or lobby décor for seasonal or holiday times to bring cheer to residents. Centerpieces for dining or community room tables would certainly brighten days for everyone. These or other projects can be done at our buildings or completed at your building and delivered for placement.

Adopt an Event

Host an event for a JFS Housing group of residents to encourage “community building” and fun. Maybe your group would enjoy putting on a Casino Night, a Tailgate Party, a monthly Community Meeting, a Seasonal or Holiday Party or a Summer Picnic to bring a festive activity into resident’s lives. Gather your friends or colleagues, plan the event, produce the meal and share a caring spirit with the guests.  Events will be held on weekdays or weekday evenings.

Senior Pictures

Set-up a portrait-taking area and take pictures of older adult residents so they can send current photographs to family and friends.

Group Projects

JFS would be happy to work with your group to plan an activity or project that fits everyone’s needs.

For more information on JFS volunteer opportunities contact:

Sarah DeNeve, Special Events and Volunteer Services Manager at and 414-225-1366.