Activity Leader

Share your talents, interests and expertise with older adults, individuals who live with developmental disabilities or other resident populations at JFS Housing who are looking to participate in meaningful, stimulating and fun activities. Weekday activities can be scheduled on a one-time or regularly scheduled basis to fit your calendar.

Activity Assistant

Bring friendship and joy to people with disabilities. Work with professional staff to help with local outings to sports events, picnics, holiday parties and other organized events. Volunteers needed on a one-time occasional basis. Sign-up for the Activity Assistant list and we will call you for an outing.

Music Performances

Entertain and brighten the day for JFS older adult clients. Share a performance, highlight an instrument, practice a recital or lead a sing-along for elderly residents at Deerwood Crossing in Brown Deer.


Is photography your passion? You can take photos on weekdays and select the times that work best for your schedule. Photos will be used for agency materials, our website, social media formats and other marketing or archival purposes. Help our 150 year old agency continue to record history!

Friendly Visitor

Provide companionship to an isolated and lonely older adult. Enrich a senior’s quality of life through regular visits devoted to time spent chatting, enjoying a cup of tea together, playing cards, taking a walk, sharing stories or doing any interest you and the client share.

Sandy Naimon Breakfast Club Buddy

Brighten the lives of adult clients with disabilities at a weekly group brunch on the lower eastside. Join JFS staff in the conversation and add your favorite topics such as sports, movies or current events.

Outing Escort

Accompany older adult residents of Deerwood Crossing in Brown Deer on the agency van and help them enjoy an outing to the grocery store, a restaurant, a movie or a mall. Your presence and assistance can help the group and the individuals enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Green Thumb Volunteers

Harvest vegetables and flowers from 20 garden beds to be used at meals for older adults or water the gardens on a regular basis for fresh and healthy garden items. Adopt-A-Garden bed or two or five and keep them bountiful for residents through the growing season. Is floral arranging your passion? Arrange centerpieces for resident’s dining tables. Name your flower or garden interests and we will grow them into a project for you!

Special Events

Help with the many exciting roles and responsibilities of a JFS Special Event. We will add your name to the Special Event Volunteer list and we will contact you for an opportunity in a timely manner.

Personal Shopper

Sometimes a JFS client needs to go clothes shopping, shop for a grandchild’s birthday gift or buy a new set of bath towels. Volunteers can help a client do something they can no longer do on their own. Volunteers drive the client and accompany them to a store. Must be 21 years old, have a car and a valid WI Driver’s License. Add your name to the Personal Shopper list and volunteer when you can.

Administrative Support

Help JFS and gain valuable non-profit work experience by assisting staff and departments with phone calling, filing, research and other general clerical support.

Card Makers

Design and make cards to brighten client’s days with holiday, birthday, ‘ thinking of you’ and other greeting themes. Or, make thank you cards that the Volunteer Department can send to its volunteers for their wonderful service to the agency and its clients. A pack of five or a stack of 50 are always welcome.

For more information on JFS volunteer opportunities, contact Sarah DeNeve, Special Events and Volunteer Services Manager at and 414-225-1366.