We unequivocally condemn entrenched, institutional discrimination and oppression, and are committed to working for equality, fairness and justice.

Over our 152 year history, Jewish Family Services (JFS) has witnessed the growth of Milwaukee as a supporter, defender and caregiver of not only the Jewish community, but of our greater community. We are compelled to care for not only Jews, but all people. Of any race. Or ethnicity. Or faith.

Black Lives Matter. We are heartbroken at the senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd and share the grief of his family and outrage of our community. We oppose the prevalence of all forms of oppression, and the absence of equality, respect, and opportunity needed for a just society. We embrace efforts to suffocate racism in all its forms and that light a path for reform and justice. JFS is committed to defending the rights of the Black community against discrimination, injustice and inequity, and lend our voice to the growing chorus of others in this fight. 

We join the global community in condemning the murder of George Floyd and the failed state of race relations in our nation, and stand in solidarity with the Black community in demanding change through accountability and systemic reform to, finally, achieve a safe, just and equitable society. We unequivocally condemn entrenched, institutional discrimination and oppression, and are committed to working for equality, fairness and justice.

As a people that knows struggle, Jews embrace long-held values and beliefs, core principles that have been a compass for our community, the same values and beliefs that are seemingly absent in our national dialog today. We are reminded of some of these during this time of yet more institutional violence against the Black community. 

Darkhey shalom (Paths of peace)In a world where tension and conflict so often result in destructive behavior, remain aware and seek opportunities to use emotional, political, and financial resources in ways that create universal harmony. This especially applies to conflicts among nations, individuals and ethnic and religious groups.

Kehila (Commitment to community)This tradition professes that human beings can only fulfill themselves fully in relationships, and that community is the center of relationships. Building and sustaining equitable and just communities is critical to human fulfillment; we must strive to create communities that manifest justice, opportunity, and peace.

Tzedekah (Social justice)Ensuring social justice means acting to defy oppression, preserve human dignity, and to meet basic needs including education, meaningful work, food, clothing and shelter, etc. We will only live in a just society when every one of its members is treated justly.

It is the duty of every person to leave the world behind better than he or she found it. All of us in our actions are builders of a world to come. We must fully commit to our community now by demanding equality and justice for the Black community, and neighbors, friends, and families of color, and we must never remain silent on the state of our humanity.

“when I sat, I was alone

when I stood, I was a group

when I walked, I turned into a mob

when I spoke, I changed into a mass


when I raised my voice, I transformed into a movement”

― Sireesh Kondra