Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

New client enrollment for Outpatient Mental Health Clinic:
Kat Blackwell, Clinic Services Coordinator
Email: Clinic@jfsmilw.org
Phone: 414-225-1374
Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Existing client appointments for Outpatient Mental Health Clinic:
Phone: 414-390-5800
Fax: 414-390-5808

Case Management and Social Services

Case Managment and Social Services
Sara Corey, APSW
Director of Social Services
Email: scorey@jfsmilw.org
Direct: 414-225-1391

Russian Speaking Clients:
Tatiana Forrest, Resettlement Program Manager
Email: TForrest@jfsmilw.org
Direct: 414-225-7351

Jewish Community Case Management:
Beth Mumper, Program Coordinator
Email:  emumper@jfsmilw.org
Direct: 414-225‐1347

Department Head
Kevin Boland, MA, M. Ed, CSW, Vice President of Programs and Services
Director of Social Services
Email: kboland@jfsmilw.org
Direct: 414-225-1208

JFS Housing

Assisted Living Apartments for Seniors:
Deerwood Crossing Senior Residences
Thaddeus Loduha, Community Manager
Email: deerwoodcrossing@accmanagementGroup.com
Phone: 414-354-4700

Affordable Housing for Adults, Individuals with Disabilities and Families:
Bradley Crossing & Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Residences at Bradley Crossing
Hope Smith, Community Manager
Email: bradleycrossing@accmanagementgroup.com
Phone: 414-354-2700

JFS Housing – Department Head
Dan Fleischman, MUP, Vice President of Housing and Residential Services
Email: dfleischman@jfsmilw.org
Phone: 414-354-4700

JFS Finance, Billing and Payments

Joe Sykora, MBA, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Email: jsykora@jfsmilw.org
Phone: 414-225-1301

JFS Career Opportunities & Employment Verification

Shane Beecraft, MBA, Director of Human Resources
Email: sbeecraft@jfsmilw.org
Phone: 414-225-1305

Charitable Donations

Deb Langkau, Development Services Manager
Email: dlangkau@jfsmilw.org
Phone: 414-225-1344

Media Inquiries

John Yopps, President and CEO
Email: jyopps@jfsmilw.org
Phone: 414-225-1381