Case Management and Social Services

Our Case Management programs respond to issues that adversely affect the quality of life, health, and well-being of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, chronic mental illness, and age-related disabilities, including a special population of aging adults identified as Russian immigrants. We offer support services that increase levels of independence, personal safety, and stability.

My Choice Family Care is a managed care organization committed to a better kind of healthcare for people who need it most—seniors, adults with disabilities, and the family and friends who support them. They are a team of professional and community-based caregivers working with Wisconsin’s Family Care program to deliver completely custom services that put members in charge of their health and independence.

Jewish Family Services is a service provider in the My Choice Family Care network.

For more information on My Choice Family Care contact them at 414-287-7600 or website

The Sandy Naimon Breakfast Club is a peer support and socialization group for individuals with persistent mental illness. The group meets weekly for breakfast at local restaurants and hosts community based recreation opportunities to support friendships and access to community activities.

For more information contact Kevin Boland, Director of Social Services at 414-225-1208 and

The JFS Conservatorship service extends to those whose ability to handle financial issues is at a minimum. The agency protects these individuals by managing their funds and providing them with their finances in controlled amounts on a daily basis to meet their needs.

For more information contact Kevin Boland, Director of Social Services at 414-225-1208 and

JFS can be appointed as  legal guardian for adults with no close family or other support systems and who have been deemed incompetent and unable to manage their personal and legal affairs.

For more information contact Kevin Boland, Director of Social Services at 414-225-1208 and

Social engagement, peer support and educational programs offered at Deerwood Crossing Senior Residences, Bradley Crossing and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Residences at Bradley Crossing. The program promotes self-determination, full inclusion and participation of persons with and without disabilities in campus life and the community at large.

Recreational opportunities include site based activities like card and board games, movie nights, musical concerts, arts and crafts, gardening, youth activities, potlucks for resident birthdays and celebration of national, religious and cultural holidays.

Community based recreation includes trips to local shopping malls, restaurants, tourist destinations and other attractions. No cost, wheel chair accessible transportation provides residents with convenient access to nearby grocery stores, pharmacies and social activities. In addition, our on-site staff helps residents to solve issues that impact their ability to live independently or safely and connects them to resources for additional benefits like energy assistance, food pantries, tutoring, and assisted living services.

Personalized services for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and chronic mental illness focuses on collaborative, client-centered treatment planning, independent living skills, financial support, and assistance with decision-making through corporate guardianship, if needed. Case managers provide representative payee and conservatorship services to help clients with low household incomes manage their limited resources (61% of these clients live on $9,999 or less per year). We also provide extensive socialization programming to help clients reduce personal isolation and overcome the public stigma associated with having a disability by forming relationships and a sense of community with others.

For more information contact Kevin Boland, Director of Social Services at 414-225-1208 and

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a support program for adults living with mental health disorders, substance use disorders, or both, who have Medicaid/T19 coverage and reside in in Milwaukee County. CCS offers access to a wide array of unique services to help clients manage mental health conditions, recover from substance use, improve health, build life skills to be more independent, and achieve personal goals.

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JFS can appointed as a representative payee to receive United States Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income for a person who is not fully capable of managing their own benefits or is at risk for financial abuse and victimization.

For more information contact Kevin Boland, Director of Social Services at 414-225-1208 and