Social Services for Russian Speaking

Social Services for Russian Speaking (SSRS): We offer services for a special population of aging adults identified as Russian-speaking immigrants.

These Services include:

  • SSI, SSI+SS, disability benefits, Medicare and Medicaid and others
  • Restitution to those who were victims of Holocaust
  • Food stamps and systematic monitoring of this program
  • Immigration forms and documents, such as applications for permanent resident status, temporary passport, work permit, and family reunifications as well as further assistance when problems arise
  • Housing matters
  • High quality medical interpretation at doctor’s offices and hospitals
  • Translation of important correspondence: medical and other bills, serving as a liaison between our client and different organizations, help writing important letters,
  • Family conflicts (guardianship documentation, medical insurance for children)

In addition to the services offered to Russian-speaking clients, we have interpretation and translation services available for persons who speak Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Serbian and Bosnian/Croatian languages.