Mental Health Services

Let us help you heal.

We are committed to your mental health and wellness. For more than 30 years, JFS has offered quality mental health and counseling services to meet the unique needs of individuals, families and children by providing an array of services:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Therapy for Trauma Survivors
  • Suicide Prevention
  • School Based Counseling

The skilled, professional Clinical Services staff of Jewish Family Services can help adults and children work through life issues and develop coping strategies for life transitions. Through our state certified outpatient mental health clinic, JFS clinical staff offer results oriented therapy to those struggling with mental illness or personal problems. Our multidisciplinary team is qualified to assess and treat a range of emotional problems from the common issues of adjustment to severe behavioral difficulties, relationship issues, domestic abuse, addictions and more. By ensuring access to the treatment and recovery supports that are proven effective, our clinical team is able to accelerate recovery by offering services and evidence based interventions designed to lessen one’s symptoms.

A comprehensive assessment is conducted to define the problem and to choose the most appropriate treatment interventions. JFS is committed to maintaining the utmost levels of confidentiality and have convenient locations at which to meet clients.

Counseling Services available for individuals includes:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Grief and stress reduction
  • Trauma-related anxiety and depression
  • Life transitions including separation and divorce or loss of a loved one
  • Relationship/ Marital issues
  • Conflict Resolution

Referrals for counseling come from primary care physicians, schools, members of the community who have used our services, as well as other agency programs. Individuals and families also may contact us directly. Our clinical services coordinator is always available to conduct a brief phone evaluation to facilitate scheduling the first appointment with the appropriate clinician. For more information, please call 414-390-5800.

About Our Fees
JFS is certified as an outpatient mental health facility and insurance benefits may be applied to counseling services. Fee schedules and insurance reimbursement information is available. For those without insurance coverage, fee reductions and /or payment plans are available based on need. We also have therapy trainees available to provide counseling services at no cost. Major credit cards are accepted. Appointments and questions can be directed to the clinical services coordinator at 414-390-5800 during business hours.

We offer comprehensive, advocacy and case management services to support the emotional and physical wellbeing of crime victims and their families. Our clients have experienced different types of crime, including anti-Semitic hate crime, domestic violence, physical injury, and sexual assault.

Our advocacy services are FREE and open to all people who have been victimized, regardless of income level. Recent victims of any crime are welcome, but even when a crime occurred years earlier, victims are welcome to request services. The crime does not have to have been reported to law enforcement.  For people experiencing anti-Semitic hate crime, our advocate is available to provide support, regardless of location in Wisconsin.

Services include:
· Advocacy services and help navigating court processes
· Assistance with crime victim compensation application process
· Crisis counseling and emotional support
· Safety planning
· Information about the courts and criminal justice system
· Connection with mental health counseling

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For more information, Call JFS at 414-225- 1374 or email

Our advocacy services are funded by the Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) grant through the Wisconsin Department of Justice. For more information, please call 800-446-6564 or visit their website for more information about services for victims.

When a person has experienced violence, whether as a child or as an adult, the trauma of the events can have a lasting impact. Counseling can help people maintain safety and stability in their lives and heal from the impact of trauma.

Jewish Family Services offers counseling to survivors of trauma recently impacted by domestic and sexual violence at Sojourner Family Peace Center. Our therapists use a trauma-informed approach to facilitate a process of stabilization and healing for people impacted by violence, many of whom are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Counseling often occurs in the recent aftermath of abuse and our therapists work collaboratively with their clients to identify where they currently are on their path of recovery and to determine the best course of action. Our therapists are trained in best practices for survivors of trauma, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

In addition to counseling services for recent survivors of violence, our clinical staff at our main clinic offer ongoing counseling services to individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, grief, and social isolation, as these effects of trauma can impact a person long after the violence has ended.

If you, or someone you know, may be in a violent situation, call the Sojourner Family Peace Center’s 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline for information and support. All calls are confidential.



Jewish Family Services is committed to our work toward preventing the loss of life due to suicide. For ___ years, we have partnered with Prevent Suicide Greater Milwaukee and worked in solidarity to address the issue of suicide, a tragedy that impacts individuals and families for a lifetime.

Our efforts to decrease suicidal risk include community presentations and training, such as Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) training that is offered to non-professional community members on the basics of early identification and intervention with an individual who may be at risk.

For more information on our suicide prevention efforts, or to schedule a QPR training, contact our Clinical Services Coordinator, at 414-225-1374.

Jewish Family Services provides best practice mental health services in school-based settings in the Greater Milwaukee Area that support and enhance the mental and emotional health of students. These services include traditional mental health services, such as: assessment and diagnostic evaluations, individual therapy , family therapy, treatment planning, treatment coordination, and referrals to appropriate mental health/community services

In addition to traditional psychotherapy services, school-based mental health clinicians can provide additional services within the school setting, that may include: Class room consultation and observation, IEP/Student Services Team staffing, consultation with school staff, parent education, consultation with instructional staff, and in-service trainings.

For more information on our school-based mental health services, please contact our main clinic: 414-390-5800

Jewish Family Services offers programming for individuals who are court-mandated to receive counseling related to conflict resolution and co-parenting (PEACE) or who are involved in domestic violence and have co-occurring mental health issues (HOPE).

This program is designed for parents entrenched in a high level of conflict that cannot be resolved using traditional parent coaching. Parents going through a high conflict separation process can have a significant negative impact on their children. The goal of the PEACE program is to reduce conflict and improve communication within the family. High conflict parents are more likely to be successful in a co-parenting relationship once the therapeutic impasse has been addressed in collaboration with their PEACE counselor.

Individuals who have been involved in a domestic violence incident may demonstrate difficulty in traditional domestic violence group treatment, especially if a co-occurring mental health issue is present. The HOPE program of Jewish Family Services is aimed at offenders who are in need of individual counseling in addition to traditional group treatment.

Referrals for our PEACE and HOPE programs can be made by courts, probation and parole, traditional domestic violence group programs, the DA’s office, or any professional working with individuals who can benefit from an innovative and individualized approach.

Jewish Family Services is committed to providing quality mental health services and addressing the community’s need for continuity of care, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. In order to meet the mental health needs of uninsured or under-insured individuals in need of services to support their mental and emotional well-being, student trainees under the close supervision of licensed, trained clinicians are available to provide counseling services free of cost to qualifying individuals.

Information for services provided by a student trainee can be obtained by contacting our clinical services coordinator at: 414-225-1374.