Turn Your Car into Cash for Jewish Family Services!

Vehicle donations to Jewish Family Services have the potential to bring hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in support of our programs. Donating is easy, the pick-up is free, and your gift is tax-deductible.

Donate by Phone or Online!

Call: 877-537-4227

Online: Secure online form at https://careasy.org/nonprofit/JFS-of-Milwaukee 

We accept all types of vehicles that meet the following basic requirements:

  • Vehicle has a clear title.
  • Vehicle is in one piece.
  • Vehicle is accessible for safe towing.
  • Vehicle does not need to be running.


For more information about the advantages of donating a vehicle visit the CARS website at https://careasy.org/vehicle-donor/faqs

Their Vehicle Donation Support team is available seven days a week to support you every step of the way.