Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a free support program that helps you improve your health, build life skills to be more independent, and achieve your personal goals. Enrolling in CCS, gives you access to a wide array of unique services to help you manage mental health challenges, recover from substance use and enhance your overall quality of life.

Eligibility: Adults living with mental health disorders, substance use disorders, or both, who have Medicaid/T19 coverage and reside in Milwaukee County.

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CCS offers short and long-term support options to help you succeed.

  • We build on your unique qualities and strengths and work with you to identify others that can support strategies to meet your needs.
  • You actively participate in creating your service plan and taking ownership of your treatment.
  • You and your family are full and meaningful partners in all aspects of decision making affecting your lives and your service plan.
  • Services are consumer and family centered.
  • The service team adapts to your needs – not for you to adapt to the needs of the service team.
  • The “family” is defined by you.
  • Families are respected and listened to.
  • Unconditional care means that we care about you and your family.
  • If difficulties arise, services and supports will change to meet your needs.

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