A gift for Jewish Family Services (JFS) can mean many things.

For a single parent household with little income it means JFS can provide them with a safe and affordable place to call home.  We all know a home is so much more than a roof over your head. Giving someone a secure place to anchor their family and children can be transformative, and can literally change the trajectory of their lives.

For a senior who lives alone and has no one to care for them, it means JFS can provide a case manager to check in on them regularly, make sure they have their medications and see to it that they visit a doctor when they are ill.  It means they are not at risk for abuse or self-neglect, or exploitation, and gives them a sense of security knowing that someone cares about them and their well-being.

For a teen who is bullied at school and is harming themselves to cope it means JFS can provide a licensed clinician who will listen to their pain, understand their problems, be their advocate and work with them to find solutions. It means that what seemed like an impossible situation to live with can be a path for healing, and peace of mind.

For a person with a disability who is socially isolated, unemployed, and stigmatized it means JFS can provide a weekly, welcoming social experience with peers, abundant acceptance and healthful food to share with others, build relationships and experience the world in ways you and I do.

For a woman who has made the very difficult choice to leave the abuser who is causing her physical, emotional and financial harm it means JFS can offer specialized counseling for domestic violence, sexual assault and trauma. It means she will have an unconditional advocate and gain the critical skills and support she needs to move beyond her self-doubt, hurt and pain to safety, hopefulness and a new future for her and her family.

For each and every person who comes to JFS, it means that our Jewish values of Tikkun Olam, Chesed and Tzedekah will be demonstrated every day in the work that we live to do, for the community we serve.

We hope you will consider what your personal gift to support our mission and services actually means.

For nearly 2,500 individuals; children, seniors, persons with physical, cognitive and mental health disabilities, persons battling addiction and substance use disorders, and families with low household incomes it means they will have the help they need to not just survive, but to begin to thrive.

Please help us meet our commitment to serve those who are in need and living without hope by making, renewing or increasing your support today.