Its not easy to ask for help. Feelings of vulnerability and defeat, a fear of judgement from others or the sheer exhaustion of dealing with an overwhelming situation can be significant obstacles to seeking support and building a path to solutions.  Many individuals and families do try to go it alone; they have Googled, confided in a small circle of friends and have leveraged all of their emotional and physical stamina in pursuit of changing the situation that they or a loved one are experiencing.  Sleepless nights, verbal confrontations, rotating caregiving shifts and other interventions work… until they don’t.  And then what?  Give up?  Walk away? Or embrace what is positive and possible with help.


Jewish Family Services believes in what is possible for the nearly 2,500 individuals who put their trust in our programs and services each year.  For the person who is struggling with isolation and loneliness, the college student who is facing difficulties and seniors who need more assistance to be safe and independent, we are here to partner and support positive change and increase access to quality care and services that make a difference.


We ask you to believe in the power and possibility for those who ask for our help every day, and we ask for your generous financial support to ensure that JFS has the resources to respond to the growing needs in our community.  We hope you will confirm your gift commitment by returning the enclosed response envelope or making a gift online at  Please be well and know that we deeply appreciate your commitment, consideration and support of our mission and services today, and in the future.